Emmanuel b. 1933 Odessa, Ukraine
Janet Snitkovsky b. 1934 Chernyakhiv, Ukraine 

1961 Degree in Fine Arts , Odessa Art School, Ukraine
1961 Degree in Fine Arts Textile Design, L’viv Art Academy, Ukraine

The two artists met shortly after completing their education in 1963.  Emmanuel was focused on sculpting and Janet on painting.  Once they married they began working together to create paintings that expressed their own unique talents. They would often take turn while performing different steps in the creation process. The young artists gained popularity with their style and partnership and soon they were commissioned by the government to create large murals and mosaics throughout major cities.  In addition to their commissions, their work was featured in countless exhibitions throughout Europe.  Seeking more artistic independence, Emmanuel and Janet along with their son emigrated to the United States in 1978 where they eventually became US citizens.  Once in the US the artists began painting playful themes in vibrant oil and pastel colors reflecting a unique synthesis of both Renaissance and modern influences.  Emmanuel passed away in 2005 yet the couple's love story continues through their paintings. 

Selected Museum Collections:
Norton Dodge Contemporary Art Museum,  Washington DC US
Moscow Museum of Fine Art, USSR
Odessa Museum of  Art, Ukraine 
Mongeron Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Parris France


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