Elisa Valerio b. 1945 Cárdenas Matanzas, Cuba

1990 Registered and Practicing Nurse in both Cuba and the United States
Studied Painting and Design, La Habana University, Cuba

Valerio’s talent and love for painting developed at an early age and influenced by local abstract expressionist artists, Grupo de los once, particularly the painter Antonia Eiriz. Growing up in Cuba in the 1950s, women were not allowed to become artists so she secretly painted portraits of her sisters and others around her hometown of Cárdenas Matanzas. At the age of 27 years old she was finally able to attend school and study painting. Valerio’s instructors included some of the most influential Cuban artists of their time including Andrés Valerio, Dionisio Rene. Luis Cernuda, Carlos Trillo. After her graduation, she married Andres Valerio and worked alongside him as his mentee and advancing her craft while raising their own family. In 1980, the family became residents of the United States. In 2013, Valerio began dedicating herself full-time to her art and launched her solo career with national and international exhibits.

Selected Exhibitions
Bunker ArtSpace, Solo Show, Miami, Florida 2019
Kendall Art Gallery, Group Show, Miami, Florida 2019
Red Dot, Solo Show, Miami 2018
Expo Collective, Solo Show, Cuencas Spain 2018
Spectrum, Group Show, Miami 2017
Alejandro Alfonso Gallery, Solo Show, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2014
Art Reviews Writer and Art Critic, Antonio J. Molina, Latin American Art magazine 2019

Elisa Valerio